The CMM Group of companies ventured into the Food business in 2013 primarily in two areas – Packaged Foods & Bakery restaurants with the acquisition of the Kem brand and a Joint Venture to establish the Cremeux brand of Bakery restaurants


Menezes Kamco Foods Pvt. Ltd. presently manufactures & markets Pasta, Macaroni, Noodles, Sevia and other packaged food products. The company is a leading brand in Goa which was established in 1978 and is well recognized in the local market. The products are produced to a high specification with a German made extrusion machine. The products of the company are distributed in Goa and the company is presently expanding into Western India.


In 2013, the Group invested in Cremeux Bakeries Pvt. Ltd. for the expansion of the Bakery retail chain of stores set up by Mr. Vincent Dias. The company is a JV between Mr. Dias and the CMM Group of companies and is professionally managed by Mr. Dias. The company presently has a number of stores across Goa – and also distributes bakery products to retail stores across Goa.